Thursday, January 7, 2021

Green Pastures: Ch 3: Baptism

Last time we saw in chapter two one of the means of Grace that the Lord gives to us is the Ministry of the Word. Another Ordinary Means of Grace that the Lord gives to his church is Baptism. This is something Christ instituted and commissioned his church to observe. It is easy to see Baptism as a means of Grace for the one being baptized, but baptism is also a means of grace for believers as they observe the baptism of others. While baptism is the washing with water in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as we partake and observe, our minds and hearts a reminded of the things that baptism signifies, our forgiveness of sin and our union with Christ in his death, burial, and resurrection. For this week read chapter 3 on Baptism and come ready to discuss at 7pm. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

New Book: Green Pastures CH1


We are starting a new book for T4D called, "Green Pastures." Many churches seek to focus on different means like entertainment, skits, of the latest music to bring people in and to keep people there. However, church is meant to be committed to the very means God has given for his church. In this is a book, we will gain a better understanding to the provisions that God gives us as a church to help us grow and strengthen our Faith. Those means are, the Word, Lord's Supper, Baptism, and Prayer. These we call the ordinary means of grace. They are not ordinary because they are boring, but ordinary in that these are the normal ordained means.  This book will helps us under stand what scripture say about these means as well as what we confess in our confession of faith. We will be meeting this Thursday at 7pm and discussing the introduction and chapter 1. Please have this section read and ready to discuss.  

Here is a video clip to wetting your apatite for what is to come

Thursday, November 19, 2020

None Greater Ch 12: Jealousy and Glory


As we read scripture we see that God is jealous for his own glory. Exodus 34:14 states, "For the Lord whose name is jealous, is a jealous God." How are we to understand this? In our sinful humanity we can see jealous as a negative trait, but for God that is not so. There is such a thing as godly jealously. God being God deserves all our worship. He is our creator and that is our obligation. But we have hearts of idol factories and tend to worship other things. God is jealous for our worship, and that is right. We should have no other gods but the the true God, and God wants the worship of the hearts of his people. Spurgeon rightly said, "     God's glory is the result of his nature and acts. He is glorious in his character, for there is such a store of everything that is holy, and good, and lovely in God, that he must be glorious. The actions which flow from his character, the deeds which are the outgoings of his inner nature, these are glorious too; and the Lord is very careful that all flesh should see that he is a good, and gracious, and just God; and he is mindful, too, that his great and mighty acts should not give glory to others, but only to himself."
Tonight we will consider this thought for our discussion. Have chapter 12 read and we will finish our book and begin the next one. 

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Ch 11: Can God Be Both Holy and Loving?

How can God be just and uphold his righteousness while also being loving? We know that sinners deserve to be punished and that  God would be unjust if he just forgave. Today for T4D we will be discussing this. We are meeting at PBC at 7pm and have chapter 11 ready to discuss. 

Here is a helpful article by Rc Sproul that will help with our discussion:

Thursday, October 15, 2020

None Greater: Ch 10 The All Knowing All Powerful God

 In Chapter 10 we are dealing with the three O's of the attributes of God: Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnisapience. This is to say God is All Powerful , he is All knowing, and All Wise. Understanding this helps us understand the grandness of God in comparison to us. Yet it is this God that we can have fellowship with. For tonight, read chapter 10 and come to meet at the church building at 7pm and we will begin our study. Feel free to bring snacks to share. If you can not make it we will plan on having Zoom available. 

Here is a link for a sermon more on this topic for our discussion:

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

None Greater: Ch 9 Omnipresence

This Thursday we will be meeting at the church building for T4D and will be going over chapter 9 dealing with God's Omnipresence. This will deal with the question is God limited by space or not. We will plan on meeting at the church building at 7pm, but zoom will be available for those who cant make it. Feel free to bring a snack to share. 

Thursday, September 17, 2020

None Greater: Ch 8 God's Timeless Eternity


Sorry for not posting the last few weeks here as we dived into the doctrine of Impassibility. This week we are looking at ch. 8 in our book, dealing with God's timeless eternity. I will be at the church building tonight for anyone who wants to join, otherwise I will be zooming it as well. Be looking for a email with the details.